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Dykon Blasting, Quarry Division offers drilling and/or blasting programs for the aggregate industry. Each Quarry has unique needs which are specific to its operation. We provide each quarry with a specialized analysis identifying their specific needs and then develop a tailor made blasting program to fit those requirements.

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Drilling and blasting is the controlled use of explosives and other methods such as gas pressure blasting pyrotechnics, to break rock for excavation. It is practiced most often in mining, quarrying and civil engineering such as dam, tunnel or road construction. The result of rock blasting is …

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Blasting is one of the most feared and least understood aspects of mining operations in Ohio and elsewhere. But on a typical workday, over a quarter million pounds of explosives are safely detonated in Ohio's quarries and surface coal mines.

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§ 88.135. Blasting: surface blasting requirements. (a) Blasting shall be conducted between sunrise and sunset, except that mine opening blasting conducted after the second blast for that mine opening may be conducted at any time of day or night as necessary to maintain stability of the mine opening to protect the health and safety of mine workers.

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oitted to Ecellence in Mining Safety Last Modified: Page: JAN 2013 2 of 21 MODULE 12 (C ONT.)Surface Blasting Safety Procedures Blasting Materials Surface delays, detonators or blasting caps, boosters, safety fuse, down-line and other explosives used for blasting.

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This section looks at all aspects of drilling and blasting and the use of explosives at Quarries and covers profiling of the Quarry face and tracking of drillholes, the preparation of shotfiring rules, the appointment and necessary competence of the explosives supervisor, shotfirer and driller and the specific responsibilities they have including their statutory duties.

Public Law, Chapter 297, 123rd Legislature, First Regular ...

The Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Public Safety and the Office of the State Fire Marshal, referred to in this section as "the agencies," shall study methods for the regulation of individuals and companies that conduct blasting operations, including certification and requirements for best management practices.

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The process begins with a detailed three-dimensional survey of the quarry face. This allows the explosives engineer to design the blast and to plot where the shot holes should be drilled so that the blast can be carried out safely and efficiently. The survey will show if …


Quarry Handbook General Information WVDEP 1 QUARRY LAW AND REGULATIONS Quarry Law Chapter 22, Article 4/ Rules & Regulations Title 38, Series 3 FORMS Quarry Forms can be completed by electronic processing MR 8 Final Planting Report (Original copy only) MR-9 Quarry Final Release Report (Original & 3 copies required

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a quarry must be controlled so that established ... at other sensitive land-use locations. Precise and detailed record keeping for each individual blast is required. Instruments called seismographs are used to measure vibration and sound pressure. The ... If a quarry near your home is conducting blasting,


Sep 24, 2007· STATE LAWS ON DAMAGES CAUSED BY QUARRYING. By: Kevin E. McCarthy, Principal Analyst. ... Blasting within 1,000 feet of a residence or other protected structure must have a site specific blast design plan. The plan must limit the type of explosive and detonating equipment, and the size, timing, and frequency of blasts. ...

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A. Blasting shall be restricted to the times given on the Rock Quarry Usage Plan. B. Blast only with direct written approval for each blast by the Blast Consultant. C. Warning signs and public notification are required to avoid all risks to the public that use the roadway. The CONTRACTOR shall provide to CBJ and to the State of Alaska

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A citizen's guide to mine blasting. Why Blasting? Blasting remains a crucial element in the production of minerals and stone products throughout ia and the rest of the world. Since stone deposits occur naturally in large consolidated formations, blasting remains the only method capable of efficiently producing the large volumes of

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Blast plans are recommended for all blasting operations, they are required for most mining activities. Blast plans are submitted to the Department for review by the blasting inspector. Blast plans explain specifics of the proposed blasting activities. and sets limits on how blasting will be conducted.


blasting in conjunction with required presplit blasting or for general rock excavation. The Contractor may also elect to use blasting for trenching operations, structure excavations, and structure demolitions. Permit jobs that involve blasting on State ROW are subject to the same requirements …

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Presplit blasting Spacing = Hole diameter x 12 Burden = 0.5 x production blast burden (B) Uncharged length at top = 10 x D Powder factor = 0.5kg per square metre of face Do not stem holes. Fire all holes on the same delay, or in groups of ≥ 5 holes Smooth Blasting Spacing = 15 x Hole diameter (hard rock) 20 x Hole diameter (soft rock)

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Each blast was monitored for vibrations and noise produced to ensure that vibrations and noise generated in the blasting is within the prescribed limits. To feed a 300 Tons Per Hour crusher from Quarry not even producing a days requirement.

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DESIGNING BLAST PATTERNS USING EMPIRICAL FORMULAS A Comparison of Calculated Patterns With Plans Used in Quarrying Limestone and Dolomite, With Geologic Considerations by Joseph M. Pugliese 1 ABSTRACT This work was done by the Bureau of Mines to provide quarry operators

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A permit to mine coal must be obtained from the Railroad Commission. Applications are available by writing or calling the Surface Mining and Reclamation Division, 1701 …

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The use of Power Factor in blast design Using the rock type the designer can select the Powder Factor range suitable for the quarry. The face profiles will identify reduced burdens. Table below relates the

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The Academy of Blasting & Explosive Technology, including Anthony Konya and Dr. Calvin J. Konya, pay tribute to the time-honored principles Ash put forth more than 50 years ago with a special 2019 series for Pit & Quarry readers. In their "Blasting Mechanics Revisited" series, the Konyas look back on Ash's work and explore how modern-day ...

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Chapter SPS 307 EXPLOSIVES AND FIREWORKS Subchapter I — General Requirements ... mum of 30 feet may replace the 50−foot requirement if the perime- ... operation at a mine, pit, quarry, or construction site where blasting activity occurs. (19) "Particle velocity" means any …

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Citation. 1 These regulations may be cited as the Blasting Safety Regulations.. Application. 2 These regulations apply to every workplace to which the Occupational Health and Safety Act applies and at which blasting activity is conducted, other than a mine as defined in the Underground Mining Regulations made under the Act.. Definitions. 3 In these regulations,

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Dykon Blasting - Quarry Compilation - YouTube. Nov 5, 2012 ... This is a shot video of many of Dykon Blasting's quarry shots combined. ... to the requirement for large amounts of aggregate in those materials. Read more


(1) These Rules and Regulations for Explosives and Blasting Agents are promulgated and adopted by the Georgia Safety Fire Commissioner as contemplated by and pursuant to authority set forth in O.C.G.A. Sections 25-2-4, 25-2-17, and 25-8-9. The manufacture, possession,

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design of the blast, geology of the blast, regulatory requirements, and company policy. Schneider [1995] stated that a blaster must make an estimate of the maximum possible distance flyrock could travel from a shot. Furthermore, a blaster should not assume that a shot being fired will behave like other shots previously fired at the same operation.

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Quarrying by blasting, therefore, requires very experienced persons thoroughly acquainted with blasting explosives on the one hand and strength qualities of rocks on the other hand. Quarrying by blasting involves a series of systematic operations such as drilling of blast-holes, charging of blast …

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Blast Training Course Guide. ... Those on a mine site, or in a quarry or construction blast environment will benefit from this course. The course is suitable for a range of roles including equipment operators, supervisory staff, surveyors, and engineers. ... in most blasting environments. If required, the course can be run for a small ...