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Military compasses and those designed similarly are simple to use and can be found at many outdoors supplies or military surplus stores. There are two methods to using a military compass, the center hold technique or the more accurate compass-to-cheek technique.

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The 360 degree scale developed for nautical use and the 6400 mils for military/field use. The use of mils is frequently found on military or more accurately artillery compasses where 1 mil represents 1 yard at 1000 yards or 1 meter at 1000 meters.

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military style compass with od green military issue nylon compass pouch, liquid filled compass with a floating dial, thumb hook with a adjustable magnifying viewer. good quality compasses. compass is ... olive drab green official us military issue tritium lensatic compass w/ case 417.

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May 28, 2017· PROFESSIONAL GRADE FOR SURVIVAL, CAMPING, & EMERGENCY SITUATIONS - The BeGrit Compass is ideal for emergency, survival, and/or camping uses and is made specifically to handle the "life or …

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how to use military compass in mills Compass - Wikipedia. A compass is an instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows direction relative to the geographic cardinal directions (or points).

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1. Determine a magnetic Azimuth using a lensatic compass. 2. Use the compass-to-cheek method to within three degrees of a designated point. 3. Use the center-hold method within 10 degrees to a …

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Silva Prismatic Military Compass is considered by many as the top of the SILVA range of traditional base plate compasses and currently one of the best available compass' on the market for military use.

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Nov 26, 2015· Mils are used by the military and the scale is divided to 6400 mils for a circle (64, on the bezzle) which is 360 degrees on a normal compass bezzle. When used by a competent user, mils can be more accurate when taking/giving a bearing.

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Oct 05, 2013· The Mk. III Marching Compass is a WWII-era British and Commonwealth military compass known for its extreme accuracy in the hands of a competent navigator. Besides its military career the MKIII has, since its appearance in 1932, been an instrument of choice for surveyors, explorers, archaeologists, Scouts and even Australian stockmen and farmers.

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5. Military experience advises against frequent unnecessary sightings and walking while watching the compass; however, when steering marks cannot be used, the fully opened compass pointing the travel direction should be held in front of the chest. (See H. -night-time use).

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The M2 military compass has been in use for over a century and in service with the U.S. military since at least World War II. It is designed for precise work in providing targeting information for artillery.

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how to use military compass in mills - The Military-Family: Stomping Out Sarcoma > A Warrior's Way Dale Kissinger, ie. "Col K" is a co-founder of and retired Air Force pilot who served with the best of the military community from the …

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Most lensatic compass have a compass card marked in 5° and 10 mil increments. 5° is not precise enough for anything but the crudest work, so it makes sense to make our sightings and do our plotting using mils. Using our compass we have sighted a bearing to …


Compass Techniques Techniques for Using the Lensatic Compass. The two basic techniques for using the lensatic compass are the center hold technique and compass-to-cheek technique. The table below lists the steps to perform the center-hold technique. Step Action 1 Open the compass so that the cover is fully extended. The cover will form

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The military lensatic compass is the standard issue navigational tool for overland travel by members of the military when operating on land. The compass is made up of a base with a ruler on the left side to be used in measuring distances on a map.

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A lensatic compass, also called a military compass, is a more advanced and useful version of a magnetic compass. The term "lensatic" refers to the magnifying lens that helps you use the compass …

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It combines a surveyors compass with a clinometer, level and a plumb built into one instrument. It was in use during World War II, based on an earlier Compass, M1 that was not graduated in mils. The M2 has readings for 0-359 degrees and 0-6400 mils. M2 Artillery Compass in use by USMC officer.

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Swiss Army Kern Sighting Compass - Deutsche Optik - how to use military compass in mills,Antique Coffee Mills;, Swiss Army Kern Sighting Compass, You may use this unit by simply looking "from the wrist" or through the sight Degrees, Mils, Grads compass measurements Compasses degrees mils grads military compass, Different Compass .

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Using your Compass - putting it to good use Feel free to hop around to any page that sounds interesting or use the link below for the next step of learning about magnetic compasses and how to navigate with them wherever you go in your travels.

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Start studying army study guide. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. ... WHICH NORTH IS USED WHEN USING A MILITARY MAP? MAGNETIC NORTH WHEN USING A COMPASS, GRID NORTH WHEN USING A MAP. HOW WOULD YOU HOLD A LENSATIC COMPASS? AWAY FROM METAL (WEAPONS, ELECTRONICA DEVICES ) LEVEL …

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Compasses degrees mils grads military compass Home Compass Skills Compass Intro Read Compass Compass Units Compass Use ... Compass Measurement Units. ... Compass use of mils typically rounds 6283 to 6400 for simplification. Some foreign militaries have simplified the other direction and divided the compass face into 6000 units, exactly like the ...

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Compass Basics. A compass is one of the most basic navigation tools any hiker can own. It needs no batteries, works with any map, and even works without a map! While entire books have been written about navigating with a compass, every new compass user needs to know the basic concepts.

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Below you will find both Military "Style" compasses as well as the actual compasses used by the US Military.

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This US Military Lensatic Compass features a tritium light source for use in total darkness. Map Reading - M Compass One of the most important features of the M2 compass is that it is graduated in mils and does not require a ... as a fun and effective method for military training ...

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Use the line on the mirror (and any notches on the cover) to precisely align the compass and yourself with the target. 3. Without moving, twist the capsule so the direction-of-travel arrow aligns with the north end of the needle.

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Jun 16, 2015· Which is more accurate – mils or degrees? ... Mils are largely used by the military. The original system divides the face of the compass into 6283 divisions (Mils being short for mili-radians, derived from there being 2 Pi Radians in a circle, so 2 x 3.1416 or 6.283 mil-radians). ... description using Mils instead then the person following ...